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Mommy Makeover
(Stomach & Sides)


Facial RF Skin Tightening

the Beauty Spa by Roxy

Skincare Treatments/Body Sculpting Treatments


Hydrojelly mask


Dermaluxx Hydrafacial



60 mins  for $150

This luxurious 4 in 1 treatment rejuvenates the skin unlike any other facial treatment on the market. This unique treatment utilizes Diamond Hydrodermabrasion to gently exfoliate dead skin, paired with the vacuum suction technology that extracts clogged pores and skin debris. The Oxygen infusion hydrates and brightens the complexion by infusing the skin with a specialized serum. After a custom Hydrojelly mask is applied  the Cryotherapy wand will lift and tighten skin.

Microneedling .jpg


$90 for 45mins

Microneedling stimulates new collagen in the skins surface by creating very small micro-channels using micro-needles. Microneedling is effective for: Wrinkles, Acne scars, Stretch marks, Cellulite, enlarged pores, laxity skin, and Hair-loss.
A 4 treatment minimum is recommended to see best results with sessions spaced every 4-6 weeks.

Best for repairing skin

LED light for lightening pigment

Bye, Bye Blemish

$125 for 80mins

For more advanced pigmentation symptoms, this facial uses a lightening lift that formulates with lactic acid and Vitamin C for a boost of added exfoliating, lightening, and hydrating power. Perfect for repairing sun damage, This facial leaves your skin firmer, brighter, and smoother. This treatment includes Microcurrent with LED light therapy.

Best for: Uneven Sun-damaged Skin


Facial RF Skin Tightening

$90 for 60 mins

One of the biggest benefits of radiofrequency treatment is the gradual change in the skins appearance. As RF works to produce new collagen and elastin in the body, the old damaged skin is replaced. New skin is naturally firmer and tighter which gives it a youthful appearance. This is great for skin rejuvenation, prevents wrinkles, softens fine lines, lifts the cheeks, slims jawline, reduces size of pores, helps prevent acne, softens and removes acne scars.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

Face $80

1 package (4 treatments) $240

$60 per treatment

Chemical peels increase the skin's cellular turnover to bring new skin cells to the surface, diminish dark spots, reduce lines and wrinkles, clear breakouts as well as restore youthful and radiant skin.

Best for: All types of skin

image_6487327 (17).JPG

Mommy Makeover (stomach & sides)
(4 sessions)
 for 60 mins

(Package Of 4) stomach & sides For women with stubborn fat and loose skin! This cosmetic procedure targets stomach & flanks; includes wood therapy, ultrasonic cavitation, skin tightening and vacuum therapy. It is a great option for mommy tummies, FUPA'S, loose skin from weight loss and individuals with localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise.



45 mins for $65

Dermaplaining a stainless steel blade is swept across the skin which gently separates debris and impurities from live, active skin. By angling the blade at a precise degree, maximum skin exfoliation is achieved.

Treatment is complete with a hydrating mask. Treatment time is approximately 45 minutes.

Hydrojelly mask treatment

The Signature
"Classic Facial"

$90 for 60mins

This relaxing experience includes customized products to heal and rejuvenate the skin through double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, masking with a complementary arm, hand, and shoulder massage. This classic facial sets the perfect platform for enhancing with professional-grade products for maximum results.

Best for first-timers: Any skin type

Sculpting facial


30 mins for $40

Get that sculpted and contoured face of your dreams with our Signature Lift and Contour massage.
This will remove muscle tension and naturally contour your face.

This includes Gua Sha sculpting,
a firming mask, and a custom
crystal roller.

face mask_edited.jpg


30 mins for $40

Pores unhappy?
Cleanse and balance your skin with a detoxifying masque,
Signature Lift and Contour massage,

pore extractions with High Frequency treatment and finished off with a soothing custom crystal roller.

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Custom facial with Microdermabrasion
$115 for 60mins

Combine light Diamond-Tip microdermabrasion with a custom facial for a deeper treatment that exfoliates, polishes, and promotes collagen. Our Diamond tipped microdermabrasion treatment is a painless procedure that works by exfoliating the outer layers of the skin. Using a diamond tip wand and suction tool, this process grazes epidermal tissue. Microdermabrasion reduces the appearance of small scars, large pores, hyperpigmentation, lines, and wrinkles.

Includes Microcurrent and
LED light therapy

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

$100    Full Set      1.5 hours

$50      Fill             40 minutes 


$250    3 sessions

$300    4 sessions

Facial Enhancements

Add Enhancements

$20    Dermaplaning

$25    Brow and Lip Wax 

$15    Brow Wax

$15    Lip Wax

$25    Underarm Wax

$15    Hand Scrub

$15    Foot Scrub

High Frequency

Additional Service with Treatment $ 20

A gentle alternating electrical current is generated by the high-frequency machine which then passes through the attached glass electrode upon contact with the skin.


This is used to kill the bacteria

that causes acne.

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